SY Supermolli sold

Year: 1984 / 2012 TOTAL REFIT
TAK Yachtbouw Holland
Length: 11.5 meters (38 feet)
Over all: 13 meter
Width: 3.60 meters
Draft: 1.65 meters
Net Weight: 13 tons
Engine: Perkins 4.236 / 75 hp
Sleeps: 4-7


The Boat is currently in Brisbane, Australia



After two wonderful years of family sailing from Germany to the Pacific, we are gradually to the end of our trip. We are selling this beautiful ship just because it is more important to us, nor to enjoy a season the Pacific than to sail all the way home with the kids before they come to school.
Our round bilge center cockpit ketch is decorated in a very good condition and with really everything what a yacht needs to go on worldwide travel. For this purpose, we completely refurbished her in 2012 at the highest level. She was designed by Colin Archer, the seaworthiness of his ships usually used as rescue and pilot boats is legendary. Not at least for this reason we have decided 5 years ago buying her and do not regret it for a moment until now. With a height of 205cm in the salon she is probably one of the most spacious ships of its class, and contrary to the presumption of some, she is also one of the quicker ones. Galapagos – Marquesas crossing in 19 days and many days with more than 160 nm speaks for themselves.

According to Lloyds standards “The Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Steel Vessels” overlapping welded ..
Keel sole 12mm steel
Underwater hull made of 6mm steel
Overwater made of 5 mm steel
Topsides, deck and superstructure made of 4mm steel
Front and sternpost as well as propeller house amplified to 15 mm steel.
The hull is in a non-welded, immaculate condition
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Mast heights 13 / 10.2 meters
Standing and running rigging completely new in 2012
Main mast with 4 Lewmar winches ,10mm forestay, double backstay, upper and lower shrouds and cutter stay in 8mm
Mizzen mast new 2012 with winch and 6mm shrouds
Reckmann furling at cutter stay new in 2012
Bartels furler (similar Reckmann) at forestay new in 2012
2 flying backstays
Mast steps to the top of the main mast
Hella Marine 3 colors LED lantern in the masthead new in 2012
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All sails were made new in Dacron 360g/m2 by RAAP sailing from Hamburg in 2012. .
High performance ocean sails with a zig zag duplex leech, leech tensioner and UV-protection. The condition is impeccable.
Main: approx 30 sqm fully battened with 3 reef lines (all battens new 2014)
Headsail: approx 25 sqm
Jip: approx 16 sqm
Mizzen: approx 20 sqm
Gannaker: approx 90 sqm in boat colors.
Storm jib: approx 7qm
3 Spinnaker booms (1 x 5m, 2 x telescope)
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Headroom: 2.05 meters
7 portholes in bronze for opening
Starboard bench seat equipped as ocean berth with studding sails. 184 x 58 cm. By lowering the salon table and inserting round upholstery elements you can creates one more spacious berth area with 2.08 meters outside edge. Here comfortably an adult and a child can sleep. Storage space under and behind all upholstery, and in the very spacious, always dry and permanently by fans ventilated bilge. Sorry, we took home the oil lamp of the salon. it was a present of my father in law and we want to keep it to remember our fantastic trip. If desired, we could speak about a new one from Germany.

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2 flames ENO cooker with stove and grill new 2014
Whale foot pump for salt water in the sink new 2014
3M water filter with 0.5 micron filter element
Extra water tap of the water maker in the sink
Very well insulated 100 liter refrigerator with economical Danfoss DB 35 compressor and retrofitted permanent ventilation to save energy. Consumption of refrigerator 1/1, 5 Ah
2 x 14 kg of gas in aluminum tanks with level indicator (new 2012) and various adapters for filling all over the world
Truma gas remote disconnector switch new 2012
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Standing height 180 cm
2 berths 195×90 cm, tangible together to a large bed.
2 depth cabinets with shelves in the entrance
Large hatch 50×50 cm
Hatch to anchor box
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Standing height 180 cm
Starboard berth 215×95 cm.
This berth can be converted with a little skill to a width of about 130cm.
Portside berth 185x70cm.
We have taken both berths together to create a large,cozy play and beadroom for the kids. Sure alle the kids stickers are removable
Large hatch 50×50 cm
4 portholes in bronze for opening.
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Jabsco Pump toilet with a new pump unit (2014) and full-service Kid.
Toilets drain switchable from water to holding tank.
There is a stainless steel tray under the wood of the ground with drain in the bilge, for easy installation of a shower.
We have removed the hand sink and installed an additional cabinet, to have more space there, but it can quite easily be reinstalled.
1 porthole from bronze to open
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PERKINS 4.236M 75hp 2585 hours of operation (as of May 2014) to prove quite well with old documents.
Oil consumption less than one liter at 200 hours.Very good oil pressure of 60 psi and absolutely no heating. very reliable engine with an average fuel consumption of 3.5 liter at 6 knots
The engine is easy to reach from ALL sides.
New injection pump 2013 / the old injection pump is cleaned and stored as a substitute.
New injectors 2014
New diesel pump 2014 / the old pump is cleaned and stored as a substitute.
PARAGON TRANSMISSION PM20L overhauled in 2012 by Drinkwaard NL (Holland).
Professional input shaft alignment in 2013
RACOR 500MA fuel filter/ water separator new in 2014
When a filter is clogged, it can be switched over to a second filter
Stuffing box for rudder and shaft made of bronze and in excellent condition
Electric grease gun for stuffing box lubrication
Decent LED work light in the engine room
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Fanless AQUA computer from Digital Yacht new 2013
Electronic charts worldwide
15 inch monitor to swivel, visible from the cockpit new 2011
FURUNO 1623 radar with a new antenna radomes 2013
FURUNO GP32 GPS with changed buzzer for noisy anchor alarm new in 2011
SSB Radio ICOM IC 718 ICOM AT 130 antenna tuner new 2011
PACTOR II usb modem for email and weather information worldwide new 2011
AIS TRX2 of weatherdock sending and reciving
VHF radio ICOM M 412 with external speaker new 2013
Handheld VHF STANDARD HORIZON HX280E new 2012
Handheld VHF UNIDEM new 2014
BULLET M 2 wifi antenna new 2013
Navtex Pro PLUS veeeery old :-)
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NEXUS NX2 server at the card table new 2011
The Nexus system is comparable in quality and scope with the B & G system.
STANDARD HORIZON CP 300 plotter with many C – MAP Pacific Maps
RAYMARINE ST6002 Autopilot control head on the Wheel new in 2012
2 x Lewmar 46 2 speed winch
2 x Lewmar 40 2 speed winch
Spray hood with clear windows, very spacious and wrinkle-free made new 2012
Red cockpit lighting for night sailing switched from the wheel
12V socket for searchlight on the wheel
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Very solid, at 2 points welded, guard rail made from 34mm stainless, and a coaming of 15cm height above deck level gives safety when working on deck.
Bright light on the entire ship by a halogen headlights mounted on the holder of the wind generator.
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3 x 225 Ah / h TROJAN supplier batteries new 2012
1 x 100 Ah / h BANNER starter battery new 2012
The engine can also be started from the house batteries.
PHILLIPI battery monitor for supplier and starter battery new 2012
STERLING PRO Charge ULTRA Input 110-240 Volt Output 12V 60A new 2012
STERLING PRO alt C High Performance Alternator regulator 120 Ah new 2012
STERLING PRO Save A Galvanic Isolator / Zinc Saver New in 2012
BOSCH Alternator 90 A replacement unit new in 2012

SUPER WIND 350Watt Wind Generator with off switch new 2012
you can not hear the wind generator out of the cockpit at any windspeed, even not from inside.
2 x 100 Watt Mono Crystal solar panels by SMART SOLAR new 2012 – displaceable from one side of the guard rail to the other
VOTRONIC MPP solar charge controller new 2012 plus one in spare
On our entire trip we never burned diesel or gasoline to charge our batteries. Neither during long rides under autopilot and complete navigation, nor to produce water at the anchorage. SY Supermolli sails with 100% renewable sources.
Throughout the ship a total of eight 12V power sockets are scattered and in each lamp are warm-white LEDs installed. At the chart table, there is a 150 Watt 12V Intelligent Sine Wave voltage transformer with one 220Volt socket. In the engine room is a STUDER AJ – 1000Watt 220V Sine Wave voltage transformer (new 2014). The device can be connected to an unlimited amount of 220Volt sockets. The device has a standby mode and detects whether consumers have power requirements and switch on or off automatically as needed.

consisting of course computer, display device, gyro compass, rudder reference and strong Raymarine Type 2 chain motor. We sail in ALL conditions under autopilot. The force acting on our rudder, is amplified by a gearbox in the steering shaft so that our boat has enough reserves to control strong even in very rough seas. Of course you will in this case also benefit the long keel.
I have removed and checked the magnetic clutch of the autopilot motor. It looks after more than 10,000 miles like new, no visible wear or tear. That means he never worked hard, although we already had quite often hard conditions.
The Supermolli can be controlled rate from the wheelhouse and from the chart table by wind angle, compass or GPS course.
WATERMAKER H2O FACTORY EX2-40 12 Volt new in 2012
30 liters an hour at 20Ah/h
Even after several 1000 liters, the performance is still like the first day and it runs 100% reliable.
For the watermaker we have the unused repair kit and another original packaging membrane on board.

JOHNSON bilge pump 7800 liters / min Delivery head 5m with mechanics free automatic switch
EINHELL 220 volt emergency pump 6200 liter / min delivery height 5.5 meters. both pumps (2012)
HAND BILGE PUMP from the engine room
Our pumping bilge (stainless steel tank with epoxy coating) is always dry, the minimal outflow of refrigerator condensation, anchor locker and stuffing box converges together in a separate container emptied by hand once month or even less.

CUSTOM MADE motor-hydraulic Anchor winch based on the original hand winch (new 2012).
With a lifting load beyond a ton this machine is more powerful than all the electric versions. Break out an anchor is just fun. In 2014, we have equipped the winch with stainless steel fittings and Kevlar hoses. When we lost our chain hook at 55 knots in Tonga the anchor winch pulled us easy into the wind, a dream. As a spare part, we have a second hydraulic motor on board.
Of course, the anchor winch can be operated by hand. You just have to put on two winch handles.
The main anchor we use is a 36 kg SPADE ANCHOR (2 sizes larger than the manufacturer’s recommendation) at 75 meters 10mm German industrial standard chain. No question, we would buy the anchor again because even in very harsh conditions we are NEVER dragged.
Second anchor FORTRESS 15 kg aluminum at 20 meters 10mm chain and 30 meters cable. All new 2012
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1 X 400 liter diesel tank
1 X 160 liter diesel tank
1 X 400 liter water tank
1 X 60 liter water tank of the watermaker
1 X 60 liter waste water tank
It is easily possible to switch under engine drive from one fuel tank to the other.

AB INFLATABLES 8VL 240 cm (8Feet)  new 2013
Hard shell dinghy with payload of 506 kg
YAMAHA ENDURO 8 hp outboard  new 2013
Folding anchor on 10m 8mm chain and rope

PLASTIMO Offshore LIFERAFT for 6 persons (2012), EPIRP GME ACCUSAT MT403G (2012), Baudat KS 10 shroud cutter up to 10mm (2012), Oxygen breathing apparatus (2012) Sea anchor (2012), self-inflatable MOB buoy (2012), flares (2012) Life buoy with 50 meter floating line, messenger lines, Automatic Life Vest, belts, Garmin handheld GPS (2012)

DICKINSON NEWPORT DIESEL HEATER with exhaust heater unit and Truma air circulation fan.
On the exhaust heater unit two hoses can be connected and routed in forepeak and aft cabin. Thus, it is comfortably warm in the ship even in a nasty winter in Patagonia. Except for the hoses, everything is available for installation. However, we have uninstalled it here and the hoses for the bilge ventilation used.
Energy consumption of the fan are 0.2 Ah otherwise the heater is running without pumps or extra energy.
Burner output: 1.9 to 4.75 kW Consumption: from 0.24 to 0.6 l / h


JVC CD car stereo with front In USB / mini-jack
BOSE satellite system with subwoofer in the salon. The satellites can also be hung easily into the cockpit.

On the Supermolli there is no repair backlog, all jobs are done with fun, we love this ship and want to see it sail on the high seas for a long time.

Last works carried out during our stay, New Zealand (6 months)
removed rust from Parts of coaming, structure and cockpit rest of surfaces sanded and with 4 layers of Sigma Prime 200 epoxy primer sealed, then painted over with 3 layers of epoxy polyamines
Deck coated with nonskid antislip
Applied 3 layers of selfpolishing antifouling (International Micron 66)
Mounted 5 new anodes
Engine room with 4 layers amercoat 235 epoxy primer sealed
Expanded rudder and put new bearings in the skeg. Rudder quadrant serviced and resealed (top condition)
New packs in all stuffing boxes
Set new chainplates
Abraded all exterior wood and with 6 coats of Epiphanes hardwood oil paint sealed
New solar panel mounts
New stainless connection for gas bottles
Everything installed which is featured above with 2014
SY Supermolli is rustproof to 99.9%
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Tons of tools, a lot of spare parts and sail relevant small parts, Stainless steel in all versions, 20L oil, lots of colors and and and
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3 Responses to SY Supermolli sold

  1. Graham Mann says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sorry I dont speak any German, I am hoping that you dont mind conversing in English.

    I am absolutely interested in Supermolli and was wondering if you have a telephone number I can call you on. Your website is very comprehensive however I do have some additional questions and rather than write them down it is much more efficient to talk on the phone.

    I am in the market looking for a Colin Archer, preferably steel but I am very wary of steel hulls after viewing several boats that were reported as in good condition. You claim that yours is very good and to this end I will have several questions to ask you.

    Sincerely yours

    Graham Mann

  2. Hello,I am looking for a Colin Archer steel,I wanted to know from you if the price is negotiable,my current availability is of 1000.000,00Euro, congratulations for your wonderful sea travel,greetings Claudio Marini.

  3. George Goldsteen says:

    Dear Mr. Carp,
    It has been a long time since I had my own yacht. Having recently chartered a yacht successfully I am confident about acquiring my own yacht again. So I am at present looking to buy a yacht just like yours. I am 72 years old and my wife, who is 70, no longer feels she can go yachting and she never was that keen anyway. So most likely I will have to go solo. I have a few questions to clarify some of the specifications in your description of Supermolli, however before I ask those I need to know: Is Supermolli set up to be sailed in safety by just myself ? If your answer is yes, then I will pursue a possible purchase, but if your answer is no then I will have to look elsewhere, which I would really regret, because I am most impressed by Supermolli.
    If you have difficulties with expressing yourself in English you may write to me in German as I understand it quite well, but it is a bit difficult to write in German, because it is at least 50 years ago since I last was able to communicate easily in German. I am telling you this, because I noticed several sentences that were in typical German word order and you mentioned in the salon the berths were equipped with “studding sails”. I have no idea what these are, but in German you gave the correct name and in English they are called “Lee Cloths”.
    I look forward to your answer.
    Kind Regards,
    George Goldsteen